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Optical Fiber

Fiberlink’s Optical Network built with the customer current & upcoming needs & challenges in mind. Our fibre optic connection is designed for businesses seeking dedicated high-speed Connection that is secure, stable and cost-effective.

Fiberlink’s Optical network is purpose-built buried infrastructure in the key locations of the city as well as Aerial/Overhead across the business area to provide dedicated high-speed Connection. Dedicated operations and maintenance teams with trained and experienced staff equipped with proper tool kits and vehicles to ensure minimum restoration time.

Fiberlink Metro Ring service is an excellent solution for businesses requiring reliable and secure connectivity to support IP-based applications. It is highly scalable with bandwidths ranging from 1 Mbps to Gbps. Flexibility is also ensured as it is easy to upgrade, add new sites, and manage network traffic, accommodating changes in client network design. Point-to-point connections on Optical Fiber are for businesses looking to set-up private and virtual circuits between different physical locations. Via these circuits, businesses can share information and resources (servers, storage, routers, and applications) across different sites. With transfer speeds of up to 1,000 Mpbs your business will operate more efficiently, saving

time and money in day-to-day operations and when working on special projects. This is fully managed and monitored 24x7x365 and supported by a strong Service-Level Agreement (SLA) with a guaranteed fix time and a compensation clause.

Our Metro Ring Portfolio includes:-

  • eLine – point-to-point connection: Data service that connects 2 (two) sites (point-to-point) via Layer 2 technology.
  • eLAN – multipoint-to-multipoint connection: Data service that connects 3 (three) or more sites (multipoint-to-multipoint) via Layer 2 technology, for any- to-any site communication.
  • eTree – point-to-multipoint connection: Data service that connects a Head Office (HO) to 2 (two) or more branch offices (point-to-multipoint) via Layer 2 technology, for hub and spoke connectivity.
  • Advantages of Carrier Ethernet Service
    • End-to-end fiber optic implementation
    • Low latencies of < 5 ms
    • Guaranteed and fully scalable speeds
    • High degree of security, due to private networking
    • High network resiliency, due to redundant infrastructure
    • Compatible with client networks running packet- based traffic
    • Hassle-free network expansion for clients
    • Plug- and-Play installation at end-client
    • Simpler restoration and troubleshooting

Fiberlink’s Dark Fiber is a private high-performance circuit, carries voice and data or both. This Dark Fiber used for either internet access or used privately between two customer sites Point-to-Point (P2P). This Dark Fiber is not contended or shared and delivers dedicated guaranteed bandwidth straight to the internet backbone. A Dark Core provides guaranteed bandwidth, high availability and is the most reliable connectivity option.

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"Fiberlink" was established in 2008, with a vision to be a global corporate leader we provide Dedicated and High Speed Internet Services & Data Connectivity to our customer with the most reliable and fast sources available for this purpose that is fiber optic. The aim of the company is to be called as the best in its industry and provide...

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